A Perfect Night Out In Vail

Going out for a night on the town is a must while on vacation. But when everyone’s version of a great night out varies based on location, scene, and personal preferences, it can be hard to plan that perfect night. However these differences come together to make for a special night you won’t find anywhere else.

There is no doubt that Vail is known for it’s incredible skiing and legendary back bowls, but time and time again what many fail to remember (we’ll just insert a quick shout out to too many shots here) is how much fun the town of Vail is on it’s own.  From the Bavarian style village to the underground bars littered throughout the town, Vail is a fun and funky little place to reward yourself after a long day on the slopes.  With the best of both worlds at your fingertips, the only questions are where to go, and where to go next.

Whether you’re a long time local or a first time guest, it’s no secret that The George is one of the most unique spots around. With it’s extended happy hour specials going late into the night, and it’s duplex design with a cocktail lounge on one side and an array of bar games on the other, if you don’t start you night here, you’ll definitely want to stop by at some point. After that there’s nowhere to go but up, literally, because this bar is a hidden underground gem.

Next, you’ll probably be fairly fired up and ready to go. Pop across the bridge and either head downstairs to grab a round of shots at Joe’s or upstairs for a tasting at 10th Mountain Whiskey.  Pro Tip: stop by Joe’s again the next morning for an instant hangover-recovery burrito and cuppa joe on your way back to the mountain.

Perfect Night of Apres in Vail - Stay Slopeside

When in Vail, you probably want to class it up a bit, at least for one round. Make your way to the Sebastian for a cool experience at the Frost Bar, a local’s favorite where everything is on ice. After you’ve turned into a snowman, go straight to the Four Seasons bar, Remedy, to warm up with a drink by the fire.

Hope you’re not getting tired, because we’re not done quite yet. Follow the heated brick road to Shakedown, where the live bad is sure to put a boogie in your step.  Dance the night away and on your way back, stop by Vendettas. Serving up pizza late night, do yourself a favor and get ahead of that next day hangover.

Follow this guide all the way through or enjoy the entire night at one of the aforementioned.  Each spot in Vail has its own draw and each is great in its own respect.  No matter where you go or who you’re with, you’re bound to have a fun time running around this mountain town bar scene.

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