Vail Holidays: A Celebration Like No Other

The holiday season is something we all look forward to year after year.  Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, or something else, it’s hard not to notice that people seem to be a little more cheerful and walk with a bit more pep in their step around this time of year.  Towns and cities become decorated from top to bottom with shimmering lights and wreaths, while every shop you walk into plays themed music nonstop. The excitement in the air is matched by the down pouring of snowflakes and you wake up feeling like a child on Christmas morning.

Vail is truly like no place on Earth, and during the month of December there’s more truth to that statement than any other month. The aptly-named Vail Holidays features fun holiday-themed events happening all month long.  There’s no better place to enjoy the holidays than the cute, snow globe-esque town of Vail.

Beginning as early as December 5th, the celebration starts off with live holiday music at the Vail Public Library. It quickly transitions into a full-fledged party with the Family Fireside Party including a visit from Santa Clause and an acapella
performance. The fun continues with Vail Snowdays. Complete with four days of free concerts, pub crawls, ski and snowboard demos, bonfires, and more, Snowdays has it all.

Next up on the list is the ice skating festival where spectators gaze as elite figure skaters tear up the ice in an impressive showing of technical skill and artistic talent.  This would, of course, never be complete without the two days of ice skating clinics that accompany the show.

Holidays in Vail, Ice Skating - Stay Slopeside
Image courtesy Thaddeus Roan / Flickr

If ice skating isn’t quite your thing, don’t fret. The (ugly) Holiday Sweater Run takes you on a 2.7 mile tour filled with snowball fights and cocoa breaks. Running isn’t the only competition going on here, there’s also a prize for the best beard! Reward yourself after all that running with a visit to the Kris Kringle Market. You’ll find goodies ranging from sweet treats to handmade toys and everything in between, complimented by more live music.

If you’re really wanting to get in the spirit, head to Slifer Square. The annual lighting of the tree is a spectacle revered by many and the festivities that go along with it have made the event a large one. Along those lines, join B’nai Vail in lighting the menorah nightly during Hanukkah and meet over latkes at the Family Hanukkah party.

Finally, ring in the new year with the Ski Down Torchlight Parade, where skiers slide down the slopes of Golden Peak with torches in hand, preceding a traditional fireworks display.

The holidays are just around the corner and while finding that perfect gift might be a little stressful, planning the perfect getaway doesn’t have to be. With more joy than Santa’s elves and more magic than flying reindeer, there’s no place better suited to spend the holidays. Share in celebration with your loved ones and make memories that will last a lifetime at Vail Holidays.

Cover photo copyright Four Seasons Resort Vail

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