Where To Shred When It Dumps In Park City

Did you think locals don’t give up their secret powder runs? Think again. We’ve got the lowdown on where you should shred in Park City on a powder day. To get the REAL goods, you’ll have to ride with a local – be sure to repay them at the end of the day with their favorite beverage!

WARNING: These tips are for powder enthusiasts and experienced riders only! If you’re still learning, take a lesson on a snow day. It might seem silly, but it’s worth the money. You will advance 10x faster than trying to teach yourself, plus it will save relationships with more advanced friends and family. As the saying goes, “there are no friends on a pow day” and it’s true. Getting in over your head will leave you and fellow riders frustrated and can lead to scary, even life-threatening situations.


So now, for the fun stuff! There are endless possibilities and exciting places to ride when it’s dumping outside. If you’re starting the day on the Canyons side of PCMR, check out the Condor lift. Everyone else will be anxiously waiting for Ninety-Nine 90 to open and you will be soaking up the freshies around Condor. You may want to head over to Ninety-Nine 90 eventually but don’t miss those Condor face shots.


If you’re at the Park City side of PCMR, take McConkey’s and hike Jupiter Peak. For a more remote area, take Pioneer lift to Jupiter lift and ride through the trees. You can pretty much drop in anywhere for fun and not-too-dense tree skiing!

Where To Shred Park City Powder - Stay Slopeside
Photo courtesy of Visit Park City


Deer Valley is also a great option on a powder day for skiers. Overall, the mountain will be less crowded. Most of the riders there are older and more conservative, meaning less likely to get into the expert level terrain. Ride Lady Morgan on repeat and get in those deep tracks.


If you’re open to more of a drive and an adventure, you could head to Snowbasin or Snowbird for the day. Snowbasin is known for being one of the least crowded mountains and Snowbird is known as being the most difficult and technical mountain. They both warrant visits, and a pow day would be just the day to do it.

With Utah officially laying claim to the Greatest Snow On Earth, ANYWHERE in or near Park City is fantastic shredding on a pow day.  

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